Welcome to the home page of the San Diego Black Belt Club.

We are a group of martial arts enthusiasts from all styles and skill levels who get together to learn and practice real cool and hard to find stuff that we can take back and use to enhance our own personal martial arts practice.

We hold meetups once a month on special topics that are open to the public.

You Can Find Links To Our FREE Events In The Column To Your Right.

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Aaron April 16, 2013 at 10:10 pm

After watching some footage from Dillman and Pantazi im very interested in learning Kyusho. I have a 2nd degree in TKD and 3rd degree in Aikido which I feel it can enhance my practice in Aikido. I currently teach Aikido and I’ve been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 5 years. Please let me know when ur next event is. Thank you!

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